January 26, 2013

Tips for Keeping Little Noses Clear

I’m not sure about how things are in your household, but at mine it seems like someone is always having some sort of trouble with their nose. Whether it’s a runny nose, congestion or allergies…there’s always something going on. I know for my husband and I, dealing with allergies is just a part of life. We don’t enjoy them, but we know it’s just something that has to be dealt with.

My two little boys don’t see it like this. If their noses are clogged or runny, they are not happy campers. And, to be honest, I’m not either…especially if I’m dealing with a runny nose. Runny noses and little boys are two things that should never be mixed…talk about a fast and easy way to spread germs!! It’s especially frustrating when we have a special event to go to and my 5 year old has a runny nose. I’m constantly wiping it trying to keep his little black suit snot-free.
It may seem that dealing with little noses is something we, as parents, will have to do regularly while our kids are growing. The good news is that there are some things that we can do to help reduce the number of nasal problems our children experience, which makes for happier kids which results in happier moms!
· Keep the Nose Moisturized – It’s important to keep the nasal passages moist as it’s been shown to help fight off bacteria and irritants that commonly enter the nose. A couple of ways to keep the nose moist is to use a nasal spray as needed. During the winter, or anytime the air is pretty dry, put a humidifier in the room with your little one. If you’re dealing with a stuffy nose, hot showers can do wonders as steam has been shown to work as a natural decongestant.

· Drink More Fluids – Make sure your kids are staying properly hydrated. When kids are hydrated, the lining in their nose dries up, which will cause them to catch a cold easily.

· Exercise–Exercising also acts as a natural decongestant which will help ward off stuffy noses. So, get the kids up off the couch and send them outside to play more often!

· Use an Antihistamine – If you know your kids suffer from allergies and that’s what is causing the nasal problems, try an antihistamine. However, make sure it’s allergy related because an antihistamine won’t do anything for nasal problems stemming from colds.

· Avoid Allergens – Finally, if you know your kids have a specific allergy, try to avoid it when possible. Allergies are annoying for kids (and parents) to deal with, so why not just try to avoid it. If your child’s allergies are bad enough, consider going to the doctor and asking if there is a medication your child can take to make life easier for everyone.

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