February 9, 2013

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

In less than a week, Valentine’s Day will be upon us! If you are like me, then while these little holidays are fun, they can also be stressful. Why? Well, in my individual case, my oldest (pre-K) has a party at school and I am signed up to help with it. This isn’t any normal pre-K party either. Oh no…the party lasts for 1 ½ hours and the parents who are helping are supposed to have “centers” set up for the kids to go to…all 44 of them! In addition to that, of course I’ve to find the perfect gifts for my kids to make sure they feel special too.

If only it stopped with the kids. As you know, Valentine’s Day is the national day of love, meaning we are supposed to find a way to make our partner feel even more loved and appreciated. Well, I’m not sure about you, but finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my husband is so much harder than finding something for my sons. If you have a man like this, then don’t worry! There are still plenty of Valentine’s Day gift options available! A few of my favorites include.
·         Free Round of Golf – If your husband enjoys to spend an afternoon away from the stresses of life chasing a golf ball around on the golf course, the giving him a gift certificate for a free round of golf at his favorite golf course is a great option! My husband loves to golf but doesn’t get to very often due to work, finances and a host of other reasons. Naturally, he gets pretty excited when I give him a gift certificate to his favorite course.

·         His Choice Night Out – My husband and I go out on regular dates (usually, at least twice a month) and the truth is that we normally end up doing something I suggest. I’m not quite sure why that is…I guess because I’m the one who comes up with all the ideas. So, this year for Valentine’s Day, I’m giving my husband the opportunity to choose what we do. He gets to plan out the entire night and no matter what he chooses to do, I won’t say a word. (Something that can be difficult for me to do!) 

·         Spa Day – Yes, men can enjoy a day at the spa! My husband used to argue with me when I would suggest that he go to the spa and get a massage. For some reason he thought that was “girly.” So, one year for his birthday, I booked a massage for him without telling him and kept it a surprise until I dropped him off at the day spa. He was a little apprehensive going in, but when I picked him up he was happy and relaxed. Now, he has me schedule a massage for him every couple of months. Therefore, if you’re husband or boyfriend hasn’t ever been to the spa, consider getting him a massage for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, you could even book a couples massage?!


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