March 2, 2013

Spring Activities for Kids

Although parts of the Midwest are still being hit with winter weather, spring really is on the way! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because the weather is absolutely beautiful out in our area…just before the temps hit the 100+ mark. Therefore, once spring comes, my family and I make sure we get out and enjoy it while it’s here.

This year will be just a little more exciting for us because our oldest is five now, meaning there are a lot more activities that he can get out and do. I know I’m not the only one with young children who will be looking for more activities to do with their little ones come spring, so I thought I would post some of the ideas I currently have.
1.      Plant Flowers – We just built a house about a year ago and haven’t done one bit of landscaping to it yet. That has always been on the agenda for this spring, but with our oldest being five, I figured he will have fun helping me pick out the flowers for the flowerbed and then planting them. The other great thing about getting him involved with our landscaping is that it’s a learning experience for him. You may not have a whole flowerbed to fill, but even letting kids pick out flowers and plant in a pot will be fun and teach them a lot.

2.      Horseback Riding – I love animals and was raised around cattle, sheep, horses and other types of “farm” animals. One thing I always enjoyed doing was riding horses with my mom. While we don’t have a horse of our own, we do live close to some nearby stables that offer trail riding excursions. I’m planning on taking my little guy at least once or twice this spring. Horses are such beautiful creatures and a joy to be around – I want my son to experience them.

3.      Picnics at the Park – Not every spring activity has to cost a lot of money. This year I plan on packing a few basket lunches and taking the whole family to the local park for a picnic. Playing Frisbee, riding bikes, walking the dog and other fun park activities will be on the agenda!

4.      Building a Tree House – While we don’t have any trees big enough at our house, my parents have a huge tree that they’ve planned on building a tree house in for the grandkids. They’ve waited until our son got old enough to enjoy it, so this spring is the year for it. Working with our hands has always been something my family (and my husband’s) have done over the years. We’ve built sheds, decorative trunks, tree houses and much more over the years together. Therefore, it’s something that I’ve always wanted my kids to be able to experience. Building a tree house with his grandfather and daddy is an experience that my son will always be able to look back on.
Above are just some of the activities we are looking forward to with our little guy this spring. In my mind, they are all great activities to do together as a family. Hopefully, these ideas have given you a couple of ideas that you hadn’t thought of before!
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