April 4, 2013

Disciplining Young Children

I know, this post seems like one that you would find on another blog…not Pumpkin Formal, the provider of fine formalwear for children. However, give me a second to explain. As the provider of formal dresses, boys suits, tuxedos and other types of formalwear for children, we are concerned with all topics that concern our young customers and their parents. As the parent of a five year old boy, this is one topic that I’m constantly dealing with.


In fact, just today, when my husband and I went to pick up our son from school the teacher pulled us to the side and told us that she had to take our son to the office and “have a little talk” with the principal’s assistant in order to scare him because of his behavior today. Our son is not one who gets in trouble a lot, but here lately he has been getting a note sent home with him at least once a week, and we’re just about to our wits end about how to handle it. So, now you have the story behind the inspiration of today’s blog post. Below are a few disciplining tips I found while researching the topic, hoping to learn something new that will prove effective on my son’s behavior. I know I’m not the only one dealing with these issues, so I wanted to share the tips I found most helpful with our customers who also have young children.
1.      Stay Calm. Young children have a way of pushing our (their parents) buttons, which can easily make most of us mad. However, in order for your discipline technique to be effective, it’s important that you wait until you are calm before you address your child and their behavior. Young children listen better when they are being spoken to calmly instead of being yelled at.

2.      Keep Discipline Age-Appropriate. Most of us remember the way we were disciplined by our parents, but what we often fail to take into consideration is how old we were when those various discipline techniques came into play. While it may be appropriate to take a five year olds toys away a day or two (maybe even a week), it probably isn’t age-appropriate to take them away for a month. Why? The child is only five…he/she probably isn’t going to remember what he/she did to get them taken away a month from now…and to be honest, they may forget about the toy anyways. Therefore, make sure you keep the discipline age-appropriate. As your child grows, the types of discipline you have available will also grow.

3.      Remember, Children Aren’t Perfect. Finally, remember that there isn’t one child out there who is perfect. Shoot, there isn’t one adult out there who is perfect either. So, don’t expect your children to be perfect. Expect them to mess up and get in trouble from time to time. In fact, look forward to it because when they mess up, they are giving you the opportunity to teach them a “life” lesson from it. Kids will be kids and they are going to mess up. If you can learn to accept that now, then when they do get sent to the principal’s office, push another child, lie to you or mess up in some other way, you won’t be shocked and will be better equipped to handle the situation.

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