May 5, 2013

Preparing for Summer Break

Children's formal wear provided
by Pumpkin Formal
Every day I look at the calendar and every single day I am still amazed at how fast this school year has flown by! It seriously seems like yesterday that I was dropping my oldest off for his first day of Pre-K and here we are about to adjourn for the year! While I do look forward to summertime and spending extra time with my “little” man, I have to tell you that I’m a little apprehensive about it too. I know that after the first few weeks we will both probably be ready to spend some time apart. This is why I have spent some time preparing for summer break. So, how does one really prepare for summer break?

1.      Get activities lined up for the kids. The first thing I did when I started my preparations was research all of the local activities my community is providing for area kids. I found art and science camps, swimming lessons, t-ball, vacation bible school and several other great options. Some cost money and others are free. Then, I began planning these activities out – with my calendar in hand, week by week.

2.      Schedule pleasurable activities for yourself. The next thing I did was scheduled a few things in for me. For instance, I scheduled two 1 ½ hour massages (all summer long), time to go workout in the mornings (when childcare is provided at the gym) and Mother’s Day Out once a week on Fridays for my boys to attend, giving me one whole day to myself each week. 

3.      Organize the house. For some reason, things get a little disorganized around my house, especially towards the end of the school year when everything gets busier. In order to make sure I’m ready for summer break, I have to get my house organized. If I don’t, I will start to feel stressed because the house is out-of-whack…and when the kids are home it’s almost impossible to get it under control. Therefore, it’s better to get it cleaned and organized before summer break and maintain that then try to get caught up after school is out.
You may not think there is much to prepare for as summer break approaches, but there really is. At least there is if you want to keep your kids and yourself sane. The tips above will help ensure that you and the kiddos have a great summer!

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